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M&E Painting Reviews

We just wanted to say a sincere thank you for doing such a wonderful job on our house! We absolutely love the way it looks. The colors are beautiful and we feel like we have a brand new home. We were also very impressed by everyone we met with at M & E. Matt was so professional and he instinctively knew what colors we were looking for. We only tried out one set of colors, and they were the right ones. Our crew was excellent; everyone was friendly, professional, and efficient. We were not able to believe how they completed such a fantastic job in just five days! We really appreciate all the kindness and professionalism from everyone at M & E. Thank you for making this process so simple for us. Painting our house had intimidated us but it turned out to be the least painless of all projects. We will definitely recommend M & E Painting to all our friends.


Kimberlee and Andrew B. (Ft. Collins)

It has been more than two years since I said “I can do it myself” Our home is a ranch style and didn’t seem like it would involve much climbing. Retirees have a lot of time. Anyway help was available from family members. Well, after looking at the highest peak of the house still not done after giving it a try, help was near. Matt’s crew just finished painting two of my neighbor’s house. The sign was in the yard, and the quality of their work was on display so I gave them a call. From our first meeting I was impressed with Matt’s professional manner. While Matt was measuring and estimating the cost, he handed a me a full book of references and information about M & E Painting. Before Matt completed the estimate, I was sold.

We are very pleased by the work of his crew. They washed caulked and scraped where necessary. There was no mess and no fuss. In this case we purchased the paint for the job and Matt told us exactly hoe much we needed. We had one quart left over. We are 100 percent satisfied.


Tom R. (Loveland)

What a great crew! Obviously these guys know how to paint and how to paint well. From the moment they arrived, it was just a flurry of activity. The crew was very friendly, professional, and courteous the entire time. They took great care moving our furniture, protecting the carpets, and the non-painted areas. It was a pleasure to watch them transform the house into a beautiful masterpiece. My wife came home and screamed, “I love it” What can top that! Great team and great job! I don’t even hear so many “thank you’s”, and “pleases” from my own kids.


Carlos B. (Ft. Collins)

Eric and his crew just finished painting our home. We are very pleased! I have to admit that I had my doubts at the beginning about what would what would happen due to my previous experiences with other painters. I was also concerned that the cost seemed a bit high.

It was worth every penny! I would recommend your company to anyone!

I was especially pleased that the crew deported themselves in a gentlemanly manner. They cleaned up after themselves daily. They were conscientious regarding our nosy pet. Any questions were addressed immediately during the walk through.

After the first day they started working I was at ease and confident the job would get done right. I hope the community continues to support the value that the best way isn’t always the cheapest way. We need to support quality oriented people if we are to be honored for our own quality orientations.


Judith P. (Ft. Collins)

Thank you for the excellent paint job you did this summer at my home on Rumford Pl. I was so impressed with your painters Nick and Eric, they do outstanding work. Some of the things I appreciate about your company and your painters are their cleanliness of the job site, respect to the neighbors, and the attention to detail on the prep work.

Eric and Nick arrived to my home to start painting, and from the beginning were religious about their prep work. They made sure that every nook and cranny of my peeling wood windows was scraped down, sanded, caulked, and then primed. As they were prepping the home they were very concerned about keeping the areas around my home clean.

Throughout the process of working on my home, Eric and Nick were also very respectful of my neighbors. They did not blast their radio or play obnoxious music. They kept their radio at a reasonable volume to be sure not to disturb the neighbors.

I would highly recommend M & E Painting to anybody. I originally was introduced to M & E Painting through a friend they painted for during the spring. I was impressed by Matt and his painters. All promises were upheld, and my windows look great. They did such a great job, that some of my neighbors had them come over to paint their windows.

Thank you again Matt, Eric, and Nick for a job well done.

Pat W. (Ft. Collins)

Thank you for the outstanding job on my home, it looks amazing! I can say without a doubt that working with M & E Painting was the best contracting experience I have ever had. Over the years I worked with many contractors from sprinkler companies, landscapers, handymen, etc, and have not had very many great experiences. I am a single woman, and know that at times contractors will take advantage of that.

From the moment that Matt came out to give me the estimate, I was comfortable working with M & E. I felt an initial sense of trust from Matt based on his presentation, and references. He assured me of all the steps that would be taken to prepare my home prior to painting. He also explained the time frame and what to expect from the painters. After setting these expectations, M & E delivered.

Matt and the crew was accommodating to my work schedule, and upon arrival worked very efficiently until the job was completed. I came home to find a beautiful new home. The painters cleaned up after themselves, and left me some touch up paint. All of the painters were very friendly, polite, and respectful.

I would recommend M & E Painting to anyone. In this day and age there are many contractors who do not perform, set false expectations, and just plain lie. M & E Painting is a unique company. They do what they say, and do it when they promise. They stand behind their product with integrity, and honesty. To sum it all up, I see a great value in what M & E is doing in our community.

Thanks again Matt, Emily, Danny and crew!!


Lee I. (Loveland)

It has been two years since I said, “I can do it myself”. Our home is a ranch style and didn’t seem like it would have much climbing. Retirees have a lot of time, and anyway, help was available [if needed] from family members. After giving it a try, and looking at the [still unfinished] highest peak of our house, help was near. Matt’s crew was finishing a home next to ours. The quality of their work was on display. The M & E Painting sign was out in front, so I gave Matt a call. From our first meeting I was impressed with Matt’s professional manner. While Matt was measuring and estimating the cost, he handed me a book full of information about [himself] and M & E. Before Matt completed the estimate I was sold. We are very pleased by the work of his crew. They washed, calked, and scraped where necessary. There was no mess and no fuss. In our case, we bought the paint because we wanted it to match the paint we had used on the do-it-yourself part of the house. Matt estimated the quantity of paint we would need to finish the job. We had one quart left over. We are 100 percent satisfied.

Thomas R. (Fort Collins)

It was a pleasure to meet [Matt] when your guys were painting the house next door to us. Before we knew it, we couldn’t help joining in the fun and sprucing up our own place!! [Matt] made it easy to pick colors, giving us hints of things others had done, painting swatches on the side of the house, etc. Thanks for not talking us out of a dark body color (less common, I understand); it stands out with flair!!! Our house colors definitely make a statement, and the comments we have received have been supportive of our choices. Suddenly a house that was not particularly noticeable became a stunning work of art!!! We enjoyed our crew-Eric and Nik. They were kind and respectful, stayed busy with their work, and put up with our questions and comments; they were delightful!! And their application of paint was careful and even; they appeared to really enjoy their work and to take pride in the quality of it. Thank you [Matt], Melissa, Eric and Nik, and Brian, for putting all the details together and making us proud to live in this beautiful place!!! We would use your services again if needed, and we are recommending you to all we know!!

Tom and Joelle S. (Fort Collins)

The M&E crew did an awesome job painting my home. They were very polite and considerate of my privacy while working. When in doubt of any of my preferences, they made sure to ask me rather than just assuming. I highly recommend this company [because] they started working early everyday, and did this until the job was done. I knew I wouldn’t have to wonder if they were going to show up the next day to complete the job…and now-a-days, that really says something about a business! The outside of my home now looks great and when I’m ready for help painting the inside, they’ll be the ones I call.

Kristina V. (Fort Collins)

I was a customer of M & E Painting in the summer of 2011. I received a couple of quotes for painting my exterior window trim and found M & E to be the least expensive. More importantly, they were professional. From the first encounter over the telephone to schedule an appointment, to my dealings with the gentleman who did my quote, to the actual painting crew who did the work, to the follow up afterwards on my satisfaction…100% professional, courteous, helpful, and timely! I will definitely use them again when I need painting. Friendly, personable, reliable. Dealing with them was a pleasure!


Jean K. (Fort Collins)

Thank you for doing such an excellent job painting our house. Your crew painted our house over a year ago and it still looks NEW! I have no problem paying for quality work and it’s rewarding when others notice the high quality work as well. Our home has been on the market and as we have had a few inspectors look at the house, they appreciate the work that M & E Painting does just as much as we do. One inspector mentioned M & E as “…the best. They don’t use cheap paint. They don’t thin their paint or take shortcuts. They are very thorough.” The hard work and long hours your crew put in to painting our home is very much appreciated by all who see it including the inspectors and buyers of our home. You can always count on great referrals from us!

Brandon S. (Loveland)