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Here at M & E Painting, we have a strong and crystal clear vision.  In order to accomplish that vision, it is imperative that we align with people that are also aligned with our vision.  If you received this link, it is because we believe you have the potential to play a crucial role in our vision, our growth and the impact we can make in the Northern Colorado community and beyond.

You may be a past or current customer of ours, or be considering becoming one.  You may be considering applying to become a team member of M & E Painting.  You may currently be, or be considering becoming, one of our vendors.  You may be considering partnering with us in the community to make an impact.  You may be considering becoming one of our strategic partners.  Whether you are one or more of the above, we know this: any group of humans coming together and working towards a common vision, mission and goal must understand how they, and others in their group, operate.  As we unite to work together to serve each other, the ability we have to understand ourselves, as well as the others involved are crucial to our success together.

Below are two surveys we would like  you to take.  Don’t worry, we are not going to ask who you voted for, or what you think about some controversial topic.  These quick and simple surveys will ask you a series of non-invasive questions.  You will then receive two different emails, each containing a 20 page report with your results and data from each survey.  This data will tell you two things.  The first survey’s data will explain your observable behavioral tendencies.  The second will explain the underlying drivers and motivators behind that behavior; the part of you that is not always observable.  An iceberg has the visible part above the water, that is survey 1.  The part below the surface which is the foundation, which is survey 2.

These reports will also give you insight into your leadership, communication and relationship skills and strengths.  They will give you suggestions on how to better communicate and be communicated with.  It is crucial for us to know about you and you to know about us as we venture off towards our goals together.

We never solely rely on these surveys to make any decisions about hiring, partnering or serving you.  However, we do look at them to understand how and why you will behave when we do work together.  Every member of M & E Painting has taken these surveys.  We are always happy to share our results with you.  In fact, each member of the M & E Painting Leadership Team has their results on their page.  Click here to meet them all, and see their results.  Each one of the members of our Leadership Team is also certified in interpreting your profile and data.  Once you receive your results, feel free to reach out to them to schedule a time to go over your results.

That being said, here are our President and Founder Matt Shoup’s results below:




As you can see, Matt has a very strong personality.  His strengths are what drove him to start M & E Painting over 10 years ago.  M & E Painting grew due to Matt aligning with a balanced team of personalities and leadership styles to make sure all parts of the business function together as one well oiled machine. If you have not already, click here to meet the M & E Painting Leadership Team.

Before you take the surveys, check out this video of Matt speaking about one of the most embarrassing life moments that he experienced while living abroad in Spain.  This story, which he shared to a group of entrepreneurs at the 2015 Denver Franchise Expo, shares the premise of what happens when you get “the language of human behavior” right, and what happens when you get it wrong, even if just a little bit.  Grab some popcorn, sit back for three minutes and prepare to laugh a little bit.

Okay, did you laugh a little or a lot?  Back to business.  Now that you have better idea of not just what we are asking, but why we are asking it, here are some key things to remember when taking the surveys below.

  • These are surveys, not tests. There are no right or wrong answers.
    Answer with the first and most natural response that comes to mind.
  • Do not over think the survey questions!
  • If English is not your first language, note the options to take these surveys in Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, Hungarian, and Dutch. Choose based on your comfort level with the English language or your native language.
  • While you are taking the surveys, be sure that you are in an quiet environment where you will not be distracted.
  • Do not have anyone take the surveys with you and/or give you feedback while you are taking them.
  • Each survey should only take you 5-7 minutes.
  • Have fun taking them.


Click Here to Take Survey #1





Click Here to Take Survey #2